Chili GK Jersey
VAPORDRAW Is a highly technical process of knitting fabric to enable the yarns to transport water away from your skin. Its increased surface area increases the evaporation rate, so apparel will dry quickly and eliminate chill. All of our Teamwear fabrics feature our VaporDraw technology.
VAPORSOFT This 'dobby' knit is knitted with 144F high count polyester which makes the fabric feel extremely soft and lightweight.
VAPORMESH Strategically placed mesh insets and panels provide ventilation over high-heat zones which helps regulate temperature during play. It is lightweight and durable. VaporMesh also adds style as an accent to the main fabric.
#1816 - 100% Microfiber Polyester Dri-Fit “Dolby” knit. Advanced GK shirt. No padding on elbows.


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