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About online stores
Last Updated 8 years ago

We provide our clubs with an online store for all club merchandise so players, coaches, fans can order product for direct delivery.Raise funds for your club;
  • We allow the club to add a mark up to all purchases. Why pay more per player and get no Money back! Video of Admiral 2015 Online Store - How to Order -
  • Convenience; It’s more convenient for parents & players to go online from their home and order. They save on gas and time.
  • Broad range = more choice; Local retailers don’t have the cash flow to hold large inventory or a broad range of products. Admiral has over 4,000 product lines for players and coaches to choose from. We also customize a range of products including; custom logo and color balls, custom scarves and custom pennants. Others don’t offer a complete range.
  • Club Control; Admiral’s online store gives the club greater control because the packages are fixed and player numbers are set. The club can view orders online and remind players who haven’t yet placed their orders to do so.
  • Consistency; We ensure that all items purchased are consistent across the clubs choice of products and that the logos and branding are consistent. When other brands run out of product they have no choice but to “substitute” for something else which means players and teams don’t look consistent.
  • Add-on’s; Players can purchase addon’s and coaches can purchase accessories too when needed. When a club need one fill in we can provide it.
  • Shelf life; Buying factory direct means we can continue to make product when other brands end of life product.
  • Try on product; we have a solution called Size It UP which is explained below.

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