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Do Admiral offer different fabrics for team kit?
Last Updated 8 years ago

 Today players demand fabrics that are comfortable and have fabulous performance on and off the field. We continue to conduct research for fabrics that do more than just look good. ADMIRAL® offer these high-performance, all-season fabrics:
  • VAPORDRAW: Vapordraw is the latest innovation in sports fabrics from ADMIRAL®. Jerseys made with Vapordraw keep the body comfortable because the fabric is ultra-breathable, fast drying and possesses excellent moisture management properties. Vapordraw has a weave that quickly wicks moisture away from the body. It is also extremely lightweight, which allows for great comfort and freedom of movement.
  • VAPORSOFT: Super soft touch, lightweight, extra comfort.
  • VAPORMESH: Provides extra ventilation to regulate temperature during play.
  • VAPORLITE PRO: "Drop needle fabric" knits a pin stripe in to the design.
  • ACTIVE KNIT: knitted fabric with stretch for comfort & extra flexibility.
These fabrics are engineered to achieve and maintain a comfortable climate between your skin and the soccer uniform. This collection of ultimate moisture management control fabrics is easy-to-care for. They are machine washable in warm or cold water and can be line dried or placed in the dryer on low heat.

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