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What types of logos and embellishment do you offer?
Last Updated 8 years ago

  • Direct to garment screen printing.
  • High resolution digital transfer for logos, numbers and names. Note that these logos can fade or crack after 20-30 washes.
  • Vinyl Match numbers are made from a newer soft and more durable vinyl.
  • Woven crests that offer higher definition, are durable, weigh less & can be used many products. Note that these logos are heat applied with glue and can come loose if washed in a hot wash and hot dryer.
  • PU Crest which are very light weight, flexible, water resistant, allows for detail and it's super durable too.
  • Direct to garment sublimated numbers which don’t fade, peel or crack.
  • Please see page 4 of our catalog for more information. Or See our embellishment options on line

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