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How to I get the right size for jerseys, shorts and socks?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Please do not use another vendors sizing to determine the sizing of Admiral products.

We do have a fitting room on line for sizing of product. You can use the fitting room, print a measuring tape, and enter waist and chest size to estimate the size of uniforms (this is a recommendation only). See

If you are on the high side of any size range, you may elect to move up one size if you like your garments to fits lose. Admiral garments are modern cuts which mean that are more fitted to body than older traditional sports shirts.

The fitting room is an excellent tool for estimating the size of Admiral product that you may require. However, it is only a guide. It is not meant to replace sizing samples of the products You should NOT use this "guide" as the sole determinant when buying Admiral products which is why we also supply clubs with sizing samples for try on locally.

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