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Are your jerseys and short sizing consistent between designs?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Sizes of products for ALL BRANDS often vary based upon the style, age of the garment, intended functionality and price point. Older garments tend to have “more room” than newer garments because as fashions change the style and fit changes.

Training garments are more fitted and polo’s are differently “patterned” as they are not for “active training”. There is a reason for every fit. Think of this like straight leg, skinny or boot cut jeans. The same waist size may seem to fit differently which does not automatically make it an incorrect size.

Select our ProFit cut designed for Pro teams, styled to be body fitting or our ActiveFit an open relaxed fit, for extra comfort.

One player’s (or parents of a player) idea of a proper fit routinely differs from another’s and so this is exactly why we offer our clubs the Size it Up program (see below).

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