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If there’s no local retailer how do we try on product?
Last Updated 7 years ago

We provide team kit for try outs and for use as loaner kit through our “Size It Up” program “Size It Up”. These Size it UP kit’s need to be ordered by the club once the club have approved their kit design. They are produced with the #80 and up on the back. The samples will be kept by the club and taken to tryouts to be used as sizing samples. They will then be used by the club as needed for players who lose their kit, late registrations and late orders. They can be handed out to be kept by the player or used as loaners until their online order arrives. This program will achieve a number of things;
  • It will ensure players who try on samples will be clear about what size they need to order.
  • It ensures coaches, players and parents expectations are met prior to ordering.
  • It ensures replacements are on hand as necessary.
  • It will clearly show the club exactly what you are going to receive before the bulk order process starts. At this point changes can be made but the samples will belong to the club regardless.
  • It removes the need to have a local retail environment to “try on product”.

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