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How do I wash & care for my uniform?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Care instructions for apparel must be followed. It is important you follow care instructions when washing product to avoid damage to items;
  1. Do not dry clean the uniforms.
  2. Do not pile sweaty uniforms in a bag or locker. This will lead to color migration of dark colors onto light colors.
  3. Wash all uniforms as soon as possible after each use.
  4. Remove belts and pads from the uniforms before loading the uniforms in the machine.
  5. Separate the uniforms by color to form different loads.
  6. Turn the product inside out - before putting it into the washer. This will help protect any names, numbers or patches.
  7. Pre-soaking is essential in getting items clean, rinse off items to remove as much loose dirt and mud as possible.
  8. Do not use chlorine bleach on items, it is not effective for polyester fabrics and can even damage the material.
  9. Do not wash items with other clothes.
  10. Wash in cold water, never use hot water this can damage lettering and numbers. Hot water will set stains such as; blood, sweat and grass stains and make them nearly impossible to remove. Pre-soaking techniques will usually take care of stains.
  11. Never put apparel in a dryer, lay flat and hang dry. High heat causes shrinking, sets in stains and fades colors;
  12. Do not iron the uniforms
  13. Please read this general information and product care instructions

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