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  • About Admiral (11)

    If you want to know about Admiral, this is where you want to start.
  • About Admiral Products (10)

    Here you'll find the most common questions about Admiral products, their differences between them and so on.
  • Product Care (2)

    It is very important to take care of your product properly to ensure its maximum durability.
  • Returns (7)

    About order cancelling and returns
  • Sizing (5)

    General questions about product sizing
  • Why buy Admiral? (2)

    If you wonder why would you buy at Admiral, look here.
We ask that you please open a ticket to tell us of an issue with your order. Admiral will respond within 24 hours. If your issue is not identified here, please feel free to call us toll free but please be prepared to tell us who you are, what club you are associated with and any relevant order number that can assist us in locating your order details.

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