Who is Admiral®? Admiral is an iconic British sports brand with over 100 years of sporting heritage. Admiral's sporting pedigree is unique, in that it introduced the world to the replica soccer kit market in the mid 1970's, a market that exploded and was pioneered by Admiral. The brand was worn by England, Manchester United & many British Premier League teams in addition to most of the original  North American Soccer League teams including the original New York Cosmos whose jersey was designed by Ralph Lauren for Admiral.

    How long has Admiral® been in business? Admiral® has been serving customers since 1914. Axis Sports, the North American Distributor of Admiral, has been in business for over 30 years.

    How big is Admiral® in the USA?  Admiral works with hundreds of pro & semi-pro and amateur teams across the US. We're the official supplier to many teams in the; USL, NPSL, MASL, UPSL, WPSL leagues.  Admiral®  supplies the Olympic Development programs for US Youth Soccer States and US Club Soccer’s largest state association NorCal Premier Soccer in Northern California.

    Where is Admiral product made? Admiral operates its own facility with over 100k+ sq. foot of space and 200 full time employees that only work for Admiral. In 2021 we added high speed printers to double our printing capacity, improved press quality, added automated fabric cutting which has added an additional 50% capacity in fabric cutting, added new Digital Transfer printers which allow immediate production of high-quality logos with no min order quantities and finally we’re training additional machinists to add sewing capacity.

    What are your customer service hours?  Monday through Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm EST. For customer service call Admiral toll-free on 888.646.6822. For customer service questions e-mail;

    Many of our players and parents speak Spanish, can Admiral® help them? Our Customer Service team are bi-lingual English & Spanish speakers.

    Do you have retailers that carry the Admiral® brand? Admiral® does work with local retailers and clubs. To find a local Admiral retailer call Admiral Customer Service on 1-888-646-6822.

    I am a retailer and would like to carry the Admiral® brand how do I apply? To apply or request further information as a distributor or retailer please also call Customer Service at 1-888-646-6822.

    Do you have a catalog? The latest Admiral® product can be viewed online at

    What is the price of a team kit? The price of a team kit varies according to the one chosen, and the embellishment needed. All our products and prices can be viewed on  For up-to-date pricing call Customer Service at 1-888-646-6822.

    Find out more about Admiral® on these links:

    1. Company Website: 
    2. Facebook:
    3. Twitter: @Admiral_Sports
    4. You Tube:
    5. Admiral® CEO speaking about the brand
    6. Admiral ID:
    7. About ID: 
    8. How to use ID:
    9. Video explaining Admiral ID
    10. Tutorials for Admiral ID
    11. Catalog - 
    12. Accessories catalog; 
    13. Download Roster Form:
    14. Report order issues here:
    15. Artwork requirements:
    16. Standard Fonts and numbers:

    Why not buy another brand through a retailer?

    Admiral is an Authentic soccer brand; Admiral is a 108-year-old sports brand famous for supplying Manchester United and England. Today we work with many professional and youth clubs across the USA. See the history of Admiral®.

    Clubs save money by buying factory direct; Because of the volumes we manufacture, our clubs save 30-50% on their kit. Travel & recreational teams can afford to get a custom kit and wear one brand across the club.

    Players stand out on the field with a unique custom kit. See our online kit builder or watch this video a video guide here

    Better availability; See our delivery time guide; turnaround guideline. Admiral offers shorter lead times, no minimum quantities, no shelf-life, unlimited colors & designs.

    It’s easier to buy from Admiral® online.

    Easy to buy; We provide our clubs with an online store for all club merchandise so players, coaches, fans can order product for direct delivery.

    Raise funds for your club; We allow the club to add a mark up to all purchases. Why pay more per player and get no Money back! Video of Admiral 2015 Online Store - How to Order -

    Convenience: It’s more convenient for parents & players to go online from their home and order. They save on gas and time.

    Broad range = more choice; Local retailers don’t have the cash flow to hold large inventory or a broad range of products. Admiral has over 4,000 product lines for players and coaches to choose from. We also customize a range of products including custom logo and color balls, custom scarves and custom pennants. Others don’t offer a complete range.

    Club Control: Admiral’s online store gives the club greater control because the packages are fixed, and player numbers are set. The club can view orders online and remind players who haven’t yet placed their orders to do so.

    Consistency: We ensure that all items purchased are consistent across the club’s choice of products and that the logos and branding are consistent. When other brands run out of product, they have no choice but to “substitute” for something else which means players and teams don’t look consistent.

    Add-on’s: Players can purchase addon’s and coaches can purchase accessories too when needed. When a club need one fill in, we can provide it.

    Shelf life: Buying factory direct means we can continue to make product when other brands end of life product.

    Try on product; we have a solution called Size It UP which is explained below.


    How do I contact Admiral®? If you have any question on Admiral® or regarding your order, you can reach Customer Service at or 1-888-646-6822.

    The fastest way to enquire about your online order is outlined here: Click on this link; and opening a “ticket” is the quickest way to find out the status of your order. Simply tell us who you are and how to contact you, what Club you belong to, the order number you are referencing and describe the issue then CREATE THE TICKET. You can even upload a quick picture if needed. When you open a new ticket, you will receive an automated response with a ticket number which you can then use to follow up. Our customer service team will manage and resolve online order ticket enquiries within 48 hours or as soon as possible.

    Head Office (Including manufacturing, distribution & service);
    Admiral Sports SRL,
    Calle 2, Edificio 9B,
    Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    Canada (Canadian licensee & distributor for Admiral);
    Blue Mountain
    #10 - 75 Blue Mountain Street,
    Coquitlam, BC, V3K 0A7
    Phone: (604) 524-1976
    Fax: 1-(866)-637-2723

    USA (US licensee & distributor for Admiral);
    The Axis Sports Group Inc.
    2628 NE 2nd Avenue,
    Miami FL 33137, USA


    Do Admiral offer different fabrics for team kit? Today players demand fabrics that are comfortable and have fabulous performance on and off the field. We continue to conduct research for fabrics that do more than just look good. ADMIRAL® offer these high-performance, all-season fabrics:


    VAPORDRAW: It is extremely lightweight at 132 gms M2.  100% Polyester 75D/72F interlock with Dri Fit W/Peach.  Best overall fabric for activewear. Knitted with 72 filaments which means it’s soft to the touch.  2-way stretch.  Highly wicking and breathable fast drying with excellent moisture management properties.  SPF 30+.  

    Dry Skin VS130:  Fabric weight 130 gms M2.  92% Polyester + 8% Spandex 75D/72F + 20D Vapor Stretch.  Produced from recycled materials. Highly wicking.  Light soft and offers 4-way stretch. Highly breathable which works well in warmer climates.

    ACTIVE KNIT: polyester 75D/72F high count air knit.  High count drop needle knit gives the fabric surface detail.  These fabrics are engineered to achieve and maintain a comfortable climate between your skin and the soccer uniform. This collection of ultimate moisture management control fabrics is easy-to-care for. They are machine washable in warm or cold water and can be line dried or placed in the dryer on low heat.  Offers a Sun protection factor SPF 30+.


    Vapor Stretch VS280: Fabric weight; 280 gms M2.  85% Polyester 150D/144F + 15% Spandex (70D). Vapor Stretch.  A heavier weight 4 way stretch fabric with Spandex.  Wicking and breathable.  Offers a Sun protection factor SPF 30+.

    French Terry: Fabric weight; 225 gms M2.  100% Polyester 75D/72F + 150D/288F French Terry.  A double-knit fabric. The outside is a smooth flat knit while the inside of the fabric is a lightly brushed drop needle knit.  Wicking and breathable.  Offers a Sun protection factor SPF 30+. Our standard fabric for ¼ Zip pullovers, full zip jackets and hoodies. 

    Maxum PK: Fabric weight; 215 gms M2.  100% Polyester 75D/72F PK fabric.  A soft single knit fabric with a raised needle effect on the outside layer.  Wicking and breathable.  Offers a Sun protection factor SPF 30+. Used in lighter weight hoodie, jackets, training pants and coaches’ shorts.

    Do you offer custom sublimated kits and colors?

    Yes see Admiral ID   Find out more About ID See How to use ID Note because socks are knitted in a different fabric to jerseys and shorts which as woven polyester, the same color may not be an exact match.

    What is sublimated team kit?

    Sublimation allows for full-color, photo quality images to be added to apparel for more vivid details & colors. We sublimate many fabrics to manufacture our apparel which includes team wear and various outer wear items. Sublimated designs do not fade or crack over time. Sublimation does not impede the performance of the fabrics. With sublimated apparel clubs & teams can define their identity. We make all sublimated jerseys as Pro Fit.

    What types of logos and embellishment do you offer?

    Sublimated logos – Are full color logos sublimated into the Admiral ID Sublimated garments we make at the time of manufacture.  Can only be used on a white base.

    Digital Transfers – Done in house, “DTF” transfers are a cost-effective way to add your logo or sponsor in full color.  No Minimum order quantity is required.

    PU Crests – 2-dimensional Polyurethane is formed and printed to make your crest.  Allow 4 – 5 weeks for production.  Minimum order quantity of 400 pieces is required.

    Vinyl Match numbers are made from a newer soft and more durable vinyl.

    How long do you keep products in your line?

    Our custom made to order Admiral ID apparel has no shelf life.   Our Ready 2 Go in stock product typically remains in our line for 3-5 years.

    How many pieces are in a complete uniform?

    A complete uniform set consists of a jersey, shorts, and socks. You can order any combination of items from us.

    How can I get a sample?

    Samples of products are available upon request and are billed at 50% off your discounted price level. Samples are not returnable or refundable.

    Do you make custom scarves?

    We offer 4 types of scarfs. Sublimated scarves that are 2 sided (19cmx140cm), 2-sided circular knit scarf (19cmx140cm), 2-sided High-Def circular knit scarf (19cmx140cm), 1 sided circular knit scarf (20cmx130cm). All Scarves are custom made to order. Minimum (50pcs). Allow 4 - 5 weeks for production after art is approved and deposits paid.

    Do you make custom balls?

    Yes. Contact us at 1-888-646-6822 for details or go here to design your own:

    Is the equipment you sell tested?

    At ADMIRAL® we offer equipment that has not only passed industry tests, but also our high standards. We guarantee our products against manufacturer's defects.

  5. SIZING:

    How do I get the right size for jerseys, shorts and socks?

    Please do not use other vendors sizing to determine the sizing of Admiral products.

    We do have a fitting room online for sizing of product. You can use the fitting room, print a measuring tape, and enter waist and chest size to estimate the size of uniforms (this is a recommendation only). See our Fitting room   Alternatively see our Sizing Charts 

    If you are on the high side of any size range, you may elect to move up one size if you like your garments to fits lose. Admiral garments are modern cuts which mean that are more fitted to body than older traditional sports shirts.

    The fitting room is an excellent tool for estimating the size of Admiral product that you may require. However, it is only a guide. It is not meant to replace sizing samples of the products You should NOT use this "guide" as the sole determinant when buying Admiral products which is why we also supply clubs with sizing samples for try on locally.

    Are your jerseys and short sizing consistent between designs?

    Sizes of products for ALL BRANDS often vary based upon the style, age of the garment, intended functionality and price point. Older garments tend to have “more room” than newer garments because as fashions change the style and fit changes.

    Training garments are more fitted, and polos are differently “patterned” as they are not for “active training”. There is a reason for every fit. Think of this like straight leg, skinny or boot cut jeans. The same waist size may seem to fit differently which does not automatically make it an incorrect size.

    One player’s (or parents of a player) idea of a proper fit routinely differs from another’s and so this is exactly why we offer our clubs the Size it Up program (see below).

    If there’s no local retailer, how do we try on product?

     We provide team kit for try outs and for use as loaner kit through our Size It Up program Size It Up”. These Size it UP kit’s need to be ordered by the club once the club have approved their kit design. They are produced with the #80 and up on the back. The samples will be kept by the club and taken to tryouts to be used as sizing samples. They will then be used by the club as needed for players who lose their kit, late registrations, and late orders. They can be handed out to be kept by the player or used as loaners until their online order arrives. Why participate in our size it up program?
    1. It will ensure players who try on samples will be clear about what size they need to order.
    2. It ensures coaches, players and parent’s expectations are met prior to ordering.
    3. It ensures replacements are on hand as necessary.
    4. It will clearly show the club exactly what you are going to receive before the bulk order process starts. At this point changes can be made but the samples will belong to the club regardless.
    5. It removes the need to have a local retail environment to “try on product”.

    Do you offer women’s fit product?

    Yes - On Admiral ID our custom kit builder you can select Women’s fit, jerseys, shorts, jacket, hoodie, quarter zip and polo jerseys. 

    How does a women’s jersey & short differ from a men’s;

    The jersey is the same specification as a men’s jersey but in production the jersey is shaped to fit a woman meaning the waist is taken in about 1 ½” on each side. Women’s fit shorts are different to men’s shorts in that we decrease the front and back rise, increase the hip slightly and decrease the length. If a woman wears a men’s Adult Medium, they will wear a women’s Adult Medium, but it will be a better fit for a woman’s body.

    How long is the inseam on the shorts?

    All shorts are slightly different based upon style and intended fit. A short can have a 3” inseam and the short is longer than others. It is the front and back rise, coupled with the outer seam that dictates the overall length.  Mens and Womens shorts have much different inseam lengths.


    What information do you need to send me a quote?

    Please email us at or call us toll free 1-888-646-6822 with the following information.

    Number of teams, field players, goalkeepers, and coaches.

    Confirm what product is needed, for example home (jersey, short, sock) away (jersey, short, sock), warm-up jacket and pant, bag, ball etc.

    When you’re ordering custom product go to Admiral ID and select a style, design, colors, upload logos, upload your roster and you’re your designs. Copy the link for the design and send that to us. 

    When you’re ordering in stock Ready 2 Go product, confirm the colors (1st, 2nd, 3rd priority), confirm your preferred style - see  Send us high resolution logos (club logo, sponsor logos) and explain what logos you need and where you would like them on the kit.

    Confirm when your teams have tryouts, practices, first games and when kit is required.

    What artwork do you need to design a team kit?

    We need logos in .EPS, .AI, PNG or SVG format together with the information above in order to show you a 3D view of what your kit will look like. Please read this PDF file for further information.

    How do I place an order for the club directly with Admiral?


    When the Club are ordering directly & not online, please email your Admiral Account Manager your order in the subject line type the name of the club and the word ORDER in capitals. Please DO NOT email this in the body of an email with many other points.

    Also note that an order cannot be entered into our system until all the details are clarified. Style, Color, Size, Logos etc. Please ask your Account Manager to forward order forms to make this easier for everyone.

    If the Club is placing a Recreational order, we require the club ONLY use Admiral’s recreational order form which can be requested through your Account Manager.

    Who can place orders on behalf of our club directly with Admiral? It is important we get instruction from one person in the club on orders. Otherwise, we find we can get different people in the club giving us conflicting or confusing instruction. This can lead to mistakes which we obviously want to avoid.

    How do I know you have received my order? 

    When the club’s Account Manager enters an order, they will send the club an order confirmation. This confirms all the details of an order and the pricing. You should read this carefully to ensure we have correctly interpreted your requirements.

    What is your pricing for team kit and accessories? 

    Each year, prior to January 1st, we review our product range, launch our annual collection of products and review pricing. On January 1st, prices may increase, some may decrease, and many will stay the same. It is very important to keep in mind that our changes are market driven and that Admiral’s prices are extremely competitive. We ensure that is the case as we control our factory and work directly with the end customer which allows us to pass along huge savings to clubs.  For discounted club pricing call Admiral on toll free 888 646 6822. 

    Do you sponsor teams or offer volume discounts?

    Our pricing is factory direct.  We offer market leading pricing to all our partners.  Please call our Customer Service Department for further information at 1-888-646-6822.

    Would you sponsor my club or league?

    The success of Admiral® allows us the chance to invest in sponsorship and unique partnership programs that are designed to be supportive and beneficial for everyone. Please call us at 1-888-646-6822 for more information.

    When do you take payment for our club order?

    Order approval: Following receipt of the order confirmation, we ask that you send an email to your Account Manager approving all details within the order confirmation. If you don’t get an order confirmation to approve the order, this means that it is not in our system. If you don’t approve the order confirmation, we cannot move to the next stage.

    When do I pay for product? On order your Account Manager or our credit department will ask for a deposit of 35% of the order value. Once the order is picked, packed and ready to ship, Admiral will contact the Club for the balance of the payment to include the freight amounts. When the payment is made the order will be shipped using UPS. We can’t calculate the final cost before the shipping is calculated as this varies according to the size of the box, weight, delivery address etc.

    How do I make payment? Payment can be made using; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, or checks which must clear prior to production commencing. When the deposit is paid the production process will begin. It is THIS DATE that is recognized by Admiral as the START DATE for determining delivery timelines. If we do not have up to date payment details on file, we can’t process your order. So please do send your Account Manager up to date account set up and payment forms. Without a deposit we do not proceed to production and the START DATE as it relates to TURNAROUND timelines does not begin.

    What happens if my account is Past Due?

    Any orders placed on a past due account will be sent out prepaid, C.O.D., cash/check along with the past due balance on that account. Also, the account may be changed to prepaid/C.O.D. terms permanently. Our credit department will contact you. Past due accounts will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum)

    What happens if my check is returned?

    A fee of $10.00 is charged. If for any reason a check is not paid by your bank, your pending orders will not be shipped and thereafter your account will be treated as a new account and all orders will be shipped cash or C.O.D.

    What happens if I refuse a shipment?

    If a shipment is refused, the customer will be charged for all freight and handling charges. A restocking charge of 15% will be applied. Any further orders will be prepaid only.

    Do you charge US tax?

    We do not charge sales tax on orders delivered to the USA (except Florida) as we are servicing out of state/country, so taxes do not apply. For deliveries to other countries, local customs officials will assess taxes/duties before allowing the item to enter your country. The carrier will usually pay these fees on your behalf and collect them from you at the time of delivery. Outside of the USA customers are responsible for ALL customs fees, including duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and any other fees, assessed at the border before delivery.


    How do I get an Online Store Setup?

    We will create the Club’s online store at no cost to the Club. It is a detailed and time-consuming process to create and enter custom photos and packages. Please allow your Account Manager up to 30 days to set up a unique online store for you. If your store requires changes, please allow an adequate amount of time to make these changes. Obviously changes slow the ordering process and so it is important to review all information given up front to determine is accuracy. The Online store is a way to create a new revenue stream for the Club.

    How do the club enter roster information for Online Ordering?

    When a Club has elected to have its members place orders online, team rosters must be uploaded to the Club’s website so that the individual player can locate their team, player name and number (if applicable) and place his or her order.

    Admiral will need for the Club to either upload that roster information themselves or supply the rosters to their Account Manager to upload for the club. Admiral provides a special roster form that enables this to be done. The Club MUST use this form.

    Please call your Account Manager to receive this special form. Please allow 3 – 5 days for the rosters to be uploaded.

    If we receive the roster in any other format other than the special form that we have created, the Club will need to allow an additional 72 hours for this roster to be re-keyed and uploaded.

    When an Account Manager re-keys, it will be necessary for the club administrator to re-check all the information.

    If the Club uses the special form created by Admiral for this purpose, the administrator need not double check the work as it will be uploaded as typed in the document sent to us.

    It is very important that we have complete information to avoid errors. Partial lists may result in errors in the ordering and fulfilment process. Admiral cannot start the production process with partial rosters and team orders.

    When do we get the web store link and what do we do with it? 

    When the kit design is approved, we generate online descriptions, photographs of product and upload roster information. Then your Account Manager will send you your web store link to be published on your website and sent to parents. It is the club’s responsibility to publicize this link. We will also provide you with Admiral logos to put on your website to draw attention to the link. Please check the link and site for any errors and if you have questions call your Account Manager. Please then send your Account Manager an email approving the site to “go live”. You will also be sent an “administrator” link with password. This is for the club only and not to be distributed. This allows you to track purchases and remind players who have not ordered kit.

    How long from when the store opens do players have to order? 

    With the store set up and the roster information entered, we launch the online store for ordering and set an order deadline. On the top of the home page of your web store there will be a countdown clock that counts down to the order deadline. Regardless of whether a player orders on day 1 or day 7 we collate all orders and begin production once the deadline has been reached.

    How do we explain the online order process to players? 

    We have a detailed PDF and a video showing how to use the online store. This video shows how your online store works: Admiral Online Store

    How long does it take to receive product once it’s ordered online?


    For all ONLINE CLUB ORDERS, Admiral BEGINS processing your order when the pre-negotiated club order deadline is reached. Admiral will combine all club orders, produce the club's product requirements in bulk, embellish, pack, and then ship as requested using a method pre-determined by the club, either in bulk by team to the club for distribution or individually. The turnaround time will vary based upon whether your club has ordered in stock Ready 2 Go styles, custom sublimated Your Kit Your Way styles, or custom Ready 2 Go designs. Your club Administrator(s) are aware of the lead times.

    The time we need to manufacture your kit depends on whether your club have selected custom Admiral ID sublimated product or our in-line range. Sublimated garments are printed directly onto a fabric. This is what gives you an unlimited number of colors, logos, and pattern options to create a truly unique design. These items are made to order and take longer to produce than pre-manufactured product. Here are the lead times.

    Peak time: June to September is peak season, and the delivery time of products is longer than the rest of the year because of the volume of orders during this time.

    Examples of timing relative to order windows for CUSTOM products ordered in the Peak Period are as follows:

    If a Club’s required delivery fall’s outside of the stated turnaround times for your products, we often suggest that the Club ask Admiral to separate the Training, away or alternates that may be inline and in stock products so that they may be delivered first.

    For that reason, we recommend that the club select a training package and/or an inline in stock item to ensure that players have product on start dates.

    After your product is produced, we will pack and then ship your product using UPS “Express Saver” from our factory in the Dominican Republic which usually takes 2 - 4 days to deliver throughout North America. “Express Saver” is a UPS term it does not mean you are paying more for express service this is just the name they give to their express saver shipping service.

    Online Store Order – 1st MAIN Order Window:

    The duration of the main order window will be decided by the club but is normally 7 – 10 days from the date the store is opened. All deadlines are clearly visible on the countdown clock on your club’s store. If you miss the main deadline, you must wait for the late store window to open. Admiral will start to process all orders placed in this main window the 1st workday day after the store deadline.  The time to produce product is detailed above in section 7.F.1. 

    Online Store Order – 2nd LATE Order Window:

    Following the deadline of the main order window, a 2nd LATE order window will open. The duration of the late order window will be a minimum of 10 days. Admiral will NOT start to process the orders received in this order window until the first workday following that late order window deadline.  All orders placed in this late order window will be delivered a MINIMUM of 12 – 14 days after those that ordered in the main order window. There will also be a $9.00 surcharge for administering orders outside of the main order window.

    Any orders not placed within the 1st MAIN or 2nd LATE order windows will be processed as follows:

    Admiral will wait an additional 14 days after the late order deadline and accumulate all extremely late orders. We will process all these orders together at that the same time. We will NOT process them as they are received. If an order is placed on the first day of this 2 week hold period, it will be held for the remainder of the 14 days before Admiral begin to process.  As a result, these orders will be received approximately 30 days after the orders placed within the 2nd LATE delivery window.

    Bulk Delivery

    This is the least expensive option for orders placed directly by the Club. Under this option, Admiral will produce one bulk order as placed by the Club and then ship that order in bulk to the Club directly. It will be the responsibility of the club to sort and re-distribute to the teams and players. The freight charge for this service will be based upon the weight of the shipment which is calculated on the day of shipping based on UPS’s published rates.

    Bag by player / box by team / Ship direct to club in bulk.

    Admiral will combine all online club orders to efficiently produce the products, bag each player’s kit, label each bag, and put each player’s order in a carton for the Club or Coach to distribute to the individually labeled player. The freight and handling for this service for orders placed in the 1st MAIN order window is currently $8.25 per player.   IMPORTANT. If you miss the 1st MAIN order window, the cost for this same bulk packaging & shipping is $17.26 per player. 

    Individually ordered packed and shipped to individual’s home address.

    With this option, Admiral will sort the bulk production by player, bag their items by player and ship directly to the individual residence. The freight and handling for this service for orders placed in the 1st MAIN order window is currently $17.26 per player. IMPORTANT. If you miss the 1st MAIN order window, the cost for this same Individual packaging & individual direct shipping is $26.26 per player. 


    When you order additional items beyond your club mandatory items, the parcel weight will increase, and this may result in increased shipping costs. Your total shipping cost will be detailed on each individual order prior to checking out. We are not in control of UPS’s rates if they change them, we will let all our clubs and customers know.  These rates are correct currently. 

    If I order late, will I still get my kit on time?

    What if my order is Back Ordered?

    We ship complete orders. Where a customer would like to receive some product faster and keep the other product on backorder, additional freight charges will apply.

    How do I track my order?

    Clubs whose players order using our online order system can use the Online Order Enquiry system to ask about their order status. Clubs that order directly from us and who have received confirmation that their order has been shipped, you can track your packages by entering the UPS tracking number in the UPS tracking page on their website

    Ordering or Checkout Issues? 

    Please ensure you view this video showing how to order online and this video on how to checkout
    Admiral has over 50,000 users ordering online each year without experiencing any issues using various technological devices including laptops, mobile phones, iPad, and desktop computers.


    What shipping method do you use?

    Nearly all shipments are sent via UPS Worldwide service. We prefer UPS because they provide insured and traceable service on every shipment.

    May I ship to a post office box or private box address?

    UPS does not carry to box addresses, so you must provide a street address for delivery.

    What are shipping costs?

    Admiral uses UPS exclusively for all shipping. We make no profit on shipping. In fact, we subsidize the freight charge as Admiral uses UPS Air services to expedite deliveries to better service our customers. Our factory is in the Dominican Republic and so ground services are not available. It is important to note that regardless of whether you see “free shipping” from other vendors they are in fact building this cost into the price of the product and/or other services. Admiral is and will always be transparent with all “other” costs.

    Who pays for shipping?

    Where we are not packaging by player the club will receive product, bulk packed to be sorted locally. The club will pay for shipping.

    How long does it take to make the uniforms and deliver product?

    See our manufacturing time guide; turnaround guideline. Shipping usually takes from 2 to 4 business days (see below).

    When do you deliver?

    All orders are processed between 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM (EST), Monday through Friday. In stock blank orders received by 5:30 PM on one day are typically shipped within 3 business days. There is typical no delivery on Saturdays and no delivery on Sundays. There is no same day delivery. Shipping usually takes from 2 to 4 business days. You can upgrade to Express shipping for an additional charge to expedite your order.

    Can you deliver on Saturday?

    Saturday delivery is NOT available in all markets and should this extra service be selected, additional charges apply. Call Admiral customer service toll free on 888 646 6822 to determine if your market can receive Saturday deliveries should it be required.

    I ordered next day delivery will I receive product next day?

    The turnaround time for shipping must be added to Admiral's Turnaround Guidelines.  We need to produce those items not in stock, pick, pack and ship the product and this takes time. Please see the TURNAROUND GUIDELINES PDF for more information on the time it will take to ship your order. After your product is produced, we will pack and then ship your product using UPS “Express Saver” from our factory in the Dominican Republic which usually takes 2 - 4 days to deliver throughout North America. “Express Saver” is a UPS term it does not mean you are paying more for express service this is just the name they give to their express saver shipping service. When you order on time in the MAIN order window these are the packing / shipping options via our fastest method i.e., UPS Express Saver.

    What is the cost for shipping?

    This depends on the shipping method chosen by your club.

    What do I do if my delivery is lost, damaged or short shipped?

    To facilitate Company’s resolution of shipping issues, any damage or shortage in items delivered should be noted in writing to the Company within seven days of delivery.


    Can I cancel an order? Orders cannot be cancelled once confirmed either online, via phone or in writing as at this point they will have gone into administration and production.

    What do I have to do to return product?

    The Company does accept returns of non-custom, non-embellished product within 14 days of delivery provided these products are returned in their original condition (brand new, unworn, unlaundered, unembellished) and accompanied by a Return Authorization Number (“RA”) issued by the Company. Your Account Manager can issue this RA if the return meets the conditions stated above.

    Please remember to completely fill out the returns section of the invoice you received with your package and ship your return package either UPS or insured US Mail (remember to keep your receipts and tracking number). We cannot be responsible for merchandise lost in route.

    Please state date of purchase, invoice number and reason for return. A Return Authorization Number (RAN) will be issued and must appear on all shipping labels.

    All returns must be shipped prepaid, no C.O.D. or packages marked "Bill Recipient” will be accepted. Damaged goods may be returned but must follow our Return Policy.

    Can I return custom club kit? All products that are embellished or are custom made for the Club cannot be returned unless defective. Whether a product is defective will be determined in the Company’s sole discretion.

    What warranty do Admiral offer? All equipment may need replacement after a season of play due to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear will begin to show even within the first few uses. This is both normal and expected. These occurrences are common and not indicative of an item's defectiveness (poor workmanship or materials). Very few items are truly defective. Genuine defects most often reveal themselves within 60 days of purchase. An item's price does not indicate longevity, merely the quality of the materials and technology used in its construction.

    Do I get refunded on returns? Stock non embellished items, yes. We will not accept returns for cash. However, we will be happy to exchange your non custom, non-embellished items or apply the credit towards a future purchase. On exchanges, the customer must pay all freight charges. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee and recover costs billed to us in the event that you refuse a shipment. ALL import charges are non-refundable.

    How long will it take for my Return/Exchange to be processed? Returns are usually processed within 1-5 business days after they arrive at our location.

    Where do I send my returns to? For US returns: The axis Sports Group Inc., 2628 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33137, USA.


    How do I wash & care for my uniform?

    Care instructions for apparel must be followed. It is important you follow care instructions when washing product to avoid damage to items.

    Do not dry clean the uniforms.

    Do not pile sweaty uniforms in a bag or locker. This will lead to color migration of dark colors onto light colors.

    Wash all uniforms as soon as possible after each use.

    Remove belts and pads from the uniforms before loading the uniforms in the machine.

    Separate the uniforms by color to form different loads.

    Turn the product inside out - before putting it into the washer. This will help protect any names, numbers or patches.

    Pre-soaking is essential in getting items clean, rinse off items to remove as much loose dirt and mud as possible.

    Do not use chlorine bleach on items, it is not effective for polyester fabrics and can even damage the material.

    Do not wash items with other clothes.

    Wash in cold water, never use hot water this can damage lettering and numbers. Hot water will set stains such as blood, sweat and grass stains and make them nearly impossible to remove. Pre-soaking techniques will usually take care of stains.

    Never put apparel in a dryer, lay flat and hang dry. High heat causes shrinking, sets in stains and fades colors.

    Do not iron the uniforms

    Please read this general information and product care instructions

    Do I have to wash Sublimated kits differently?

    The sublimation dye process uses heat to transfer a specific design to the garment. Therefore, please take extra precautions when applying heat in any manner to sublimated team kit. Inks can be re-activated at higher temperatures causing the design to “transfer”.


    Do you share my e-mail with other companies? Our mailing list, e-mail lists and any other personal and purchase information is kept confidential and is not exchanged or sold to any other company.

    Is your web site a secure site? Our security and privacy are important to us. We update our security and privacy programs to include the latest technology that encrypts your personal and purchase information as it is transmitted over the Internet. We do not release any personal or purchase information to any outside company or organization.

    Are cookies used? Cookies are only used in the shopping cart. This is for your convenience, so information does not have to be duplicated on other Admiral® web pages. You will not be able to use our shopping cart if you have cookies disabled in your browser. For your security, your Session (shopping cart and log in) will expire after 20 minutes.


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