Size It Up Program

Admiral has created a program to streamline the ordering process. It is ALWAYS a difficult process to ensure that the Club’s membership order the correct sizing for their uniforms. Often the Club is held responsible when garments do not fit its players as they had hoped


Decrease administration due to incorrect sizes being ordered.


Where women’s shape is ordered, clarifies the difference in fit.


Ensure parents, players and coach’s expectations are met prior to ordering the Club’s uniform.


Ensure that the FINAL product that the club has seen in mockups/images is what expected.


Ensure colors are matched as per the club’s instructions.


Ensure logos are as per the club’s expectations.


Ensure replacements are on hand to cover damaged jerseys.


Allows the club to provide shirts to late registrants while they await their actual game jerseys and shorts.

How it Works?


Approve your design on PDF or Admiral ID


We'll produce samples of different sizes


Try it on and choose the best size for you

It is the Club’s responsibility to order sizing samples as soon as the final PDF kit designs are approved. The Club is encouraged to order 2 jerseys and 2 shorts in every size that the Club believes they will order. For example, 2 x YM, YL, AS, AM, AL and AXL of each jersey and short.

This can also be interpreted as follows:

  1. 12 home jerseys #80 and up (YM - AXL, 2 of each)
  2. 12 away jerseys #80 and up (YM - AXL, 2 of each)
  3. 12 home shorts #80 and up in numbers apply (YM - AXL, 2 of each)
  4. 12 away shorts #80 and up in numbers apply (YM - AXL, 2 of each)
  If women’s shapes are ordered, we will do the same for the women’s order.

Admiral will add to this an equivalent number of appropriately sized socks and send to the Club to initially use as sizing garments.

If that Club has chosen a PU or woven crest for the jerseys or shorts, a sublimated Club logo will be done on the size it up samples if the logo is not already in stock.

These items will be invoiced at 50% off the agreed pricing level to the Club.

These garments will be numbered 80 and up so that they will not conflict with any other number ordered by the Club’s members and can be used by any team as replacements or fill-ins.

They will be sent to the club via Express Saver to ensure a timely delivery to meet sizing program deadlines, Admiral will need at least 10 business days (Monday - Friday) plus shipping to ship these SIZE IT UP products. Allow 2 - 3 days for delivery.

All Size It Up items are sold at a substantial discount to ensure correct sizing for this reason, Size It Up items cannot be returned for credit. Should ready to play items be sent without logos for sizing, PU crests or Woven crests will send upon arrival to be applied locally.

Size It Up program applies to all articles that the Club intend to purchase including training Jersey, Jackets and pants.
These items will NOT be numbered unless specifically requested.