How To Order

Updated: January 17th 2022
Welcome to Admiral

We’re delighted to be working with your Club. This may be your first or a repeat order. Regardless of which we want to clarify the order process to make it easier for you to order on time so we can deliver as quickly as possible.

We are open

Monday through Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm EST. For customer service call Admiral toll-free on 888.646.6822. For customer service questions e-mail;

COVID 19 & the impact on supply

As you are likely aware, the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted the overall supply chain worldwide, impacting; (1) supply of raw materials, (2) global shipping crisis (3) labor. These global delays have been significant and influence processing efforts. In addition to the supply chain disruption, there’s been labor shortages that have impacted manufacturing, service and retail industries particularly hard. Finally many club’s ordered last minute using multiple order windows for multiple individual on line player orders which impacted on time delivery. Singular late orders have a huge impact on production efficiency slowing down the whole process. We appreciate you patience and understanding during these turbulent times.

What we’ve changed to improve supply in 2022

Some challenges we have limited control of, but those we do we’ve made improvements to our processes such as;

  1. Incentivizing on time player orders; Players ordering on time in the first order window will get their kit faster and pay less for handling & shipping. Players who order later in the 2nd order window will receive their product at least two weeks later and will pay more for handling & shipping.
  2. We’ve increased inventory; of inline stock product such as the; Performance & Derby jerseys and added three new stock lines; Ancaster / University & Acton jerseys available in up to 16 colors. We’re encouraging clubs that like these designs to order these in line products, which will open up capacity for made to order production. Of course we can never know what people will order and we don’t have unlimited amounts of product on hand - nobody does.
  3. Increased Capacity; We’ve added high speed printers to double our printing capacity, improved press quality, added automated fabric cutting which has added an additional 50% capacity in fabric cutting, added new Digital Transfer printers which allow immediate production of high quality logos with no min order quantities and finally we’re training additional machinists to add sewing capacity.
  4. In Q2 2022 we will launch new online store order software which is integrated into our production process reducing the time to process orders collected through your online store after the order deadline. Meaning your product will go to production faster. It will also improve order tracking.