NorCal Premier’s Kevin Goff is a sports aficionado. He was a youth soccer standout with Sacramento United in addition to being a four-sport athlete in high school.  The Sacramento, CA native would play both volleyball and soccer in college, winning a national championship in volleyball at William Woods University.  He would enter the sports world with a degree in Communications/Public Relations.  His journey has taken him from Las Vegas (NV) and Missouri to New Jersey and Orange County (CA) before landing in the soccer stronghold of Northern California.  

1.  When did you first get involved with the sport of soccer?

I first started playing at the ripe age of five. 

2.  Why did you become an Admiral Ambassador?

Admiral is an international company with strong relationships all over the world. When NorCal Premier and Admiral became partners this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Hamburger and Philippe Arnold at our annual AGM. I decided to highlight the AGM and our new partnerships in a video. After interviewing Paul, I knew how important Admiral and its rich history was to him so we continued to talk. I'm lucky enough to have co-existing jobs with the greatest sport in the world.

3.  What goals do you have for the Admiral brand in your area?

While working alongside NorCal Premier, my expectations are high. I feel we don't have enough face-to-face in society today. People texting and emailing with no real face-to-face contact or human interaction. I prefer to build a business relationship with a handshake. 

4.   Why should clubs do business with Admiral?

Our custom kits are top of the line. The products are cutting edge and the reputation goes back over 100 years.

5.  Can you tell us about your current role at NorCal?

I specialize in multimedia management, marketing, video editing/production, and social media.

6.  What club do you follow regularly? Who is your favorite player?

Without blinking an eye, Lazio.  It was one of the first live Italian league matches I saw. If that wasn't fun enough, my favorite player is Miroslav Klose. Root for the old guys and bring them to MLS!

7.  Where can someone find out more about the NPL Boys College Showcase, one of NorCal’s most recent events?

Visit the following links for more information:

Watch it on Youtube: