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Today Admiral Sports announced a new range of National Soccer Team jerseys in partnership with sports artist Todd Dawes.  The jerseys feature countries taking part in this summer’s cup finals in Brazil, which is Admiral’s 100th year in Soccer. 


The National Team range features iconic colors and symbols for countries including; Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, England, France, Germany, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United States with other designs to follow.  It includes short sleeve and long sleeve performance Vapor-draw  jerseys in both men’s and women’s fit, phone cases, drawstring bags, decals, mugs and other items.


The new range was created by Todd Dawes a sports artist with a list of clients that are a who’s who of the sports world.  From the international Olympic Committee to NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA Basketball and the US Olympic team.  Dawes has worked with Pro teams and Colleges across the US creating custom sports art, graphics and images for over 20 years. 

President of Admiral Paul Hamburger said ”We’re really proud to announce a new national team range in time for our 100th birthday in June 2014, as national teams begin to compete in Brazil.  Todd has captured the culture, style and symbols of the countries and we’ve added a high performance product.  Our Vapourlite, Pro-fit jerseys are the lightest, coolest fabric we’ve ever created which helps increase the performance of the person wearing it.  With this new range you can wear your national colors with pride and in style, anytime, anywhere.”


Admiral, the world’s oldest soccer brand made the England goalkeeper’s World Cup jerseys for 1966 World Cup. After the ’74 World Cup Admiral redesigned the England kit and for the first time ever on a soccer kit included the Admiral badge, added player names on the outside of the warm-up jackets, created alternate kits and changed the fabric from heavy cotton to today’s light weight moisture wicking fabrics.  “It was the first time England had ever played in a jersey that wasn’t either white or red with just the three lions logo on it.” Said Hamburger. 


By the mid seventies Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham and Glasgow Rangers and many of todays British Premier league plus most of the original North American Soccer League were playing in Admiral including Pele of Brazil and Beckenbauer German captain.  “We looked and felt better in the Admiral England kit and the better you feel the better you play” said Dennis Tueart of England, Man City and NY Cosmos fame. Today Admiral once again designs innovative team and leisure wear in its own factory supplying over 60 pro teams and is celebrating it’s 100th birthday with this new national team range.

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The new range is available on or  For more information on the designs and what inspired each style see below… 


  • Argentina Soccer Jersey; features a unique painting of the iconic  "Sun of May" and the legendary light blue & white stripes worn by the Argentina Football Team. The Sun of May represents the May revolution of 1810, which marked the beginning of the independence from the Spanish Empire. There is a legend that as the new government was proclaimed, the sun broke through the clouds, which was seen as a good omen. The light blue and white stripes, found on the flag of Argentina, represents the clouds and sky.  In the ribbon you will find the team nickname "La Albiceleste" (the white and sky blue).
  • Brazil Soccer Jersey; features a graceful and powerful blue, green and yellow Macaw parrot. This magnificent bird is charging forward clutching a football with his massive wings painted in icon Brazilian football colors. The Macaw parrot, like the Brazil National team jersey is the pride of Brazil and a national treasure.
  • Colombia Soccer Jersey; features a unique interpretation of the iconic crest of Colombia.  The Andean Condor, with his massive wings clutches a shield with a Colombian soccer ball. The Condor's wing span can reach up to 10 feet and is one of the most feared birds in the air. A set of four Colombian flags draped under the shield displaying the popular tricolor design. Half yellow with one equal stripes of blue and red splitting the lower half. The official Colombian National team jersey is yellow with blue and red trim.
  • England Soccer Jersey; features a Regal Lion standing in control of a football under his mighty paw . Behind him is the St. George's cross, from the flag of England. Over the centuries, English warriors wore the cross as part of their uniform in battle. The symbolic lion represents strength, courage and nobility.
  • France Soccer Jersey; features a Gallic Rooster painted in the French colors of red and blue. These relentless  birds are known for their prowess in battle, using their massive claws and powerful beaks to defeat all who oppose them. The rooster clutches a football as he flies through a field of blue and the iconic fluer de liz, a symbol of French nobility.  
  • German Soccer Jersey; features the Black Imperial Eagle, a symbol adopted in the early 13th century. The black and gray painted eagle represents power and freedom.  Trimmed with gold and clutching a football in his powerfull talons, he proudly displays the German flag on his breast plate with a field a splattered color in the background.
  • Honduras Soccer Jersey; features a rendition of the legendary "Indio Lempira", who led the Native Lenca people against the invading Spaniards. The name Lempira means "Lord of the Mountains" and He symbolizes the strength, power and bravery of the Honduran people. The war paint on Lempira’s face features the five stars from the Honduran flag representing the five countries of Central America. Painted into the blue background is a replication of Mayan patterns found throughout the country dating back to the earliest civilization in Honduras.
  • Ireland Soccer Jersey; features the famous shamrock braided into a historic Celtic sword.   These massive weapons were made from iron requiring the warrior use with both hands during battle delivering devastating blows to his opponent. The shamrock (a species of clover) is the most popular symbol of Ireland and painted into the seams of the Irish football ball, centered in a traditional green battle shield.
  • Italy Soccer Jersey; features the powerful and graceful stallion painted is shades of blue and trimmed in gold. The horse rises in triumph while clutching a football paying tribute to the green, white and red national flag. Painted behind the stallion is the emblem of the republic of Italy adopted in 1948. Recognized all over the world for their iconic blue official colors giving them the nick names of Gli Azzurri “The Blues”.
  • Jamaica Soccer Jersey; features the iconic “Lion of Judah” representing Jesus Christ, the descendant from the ancient Jewish tribe of Judah. King Solomon of Judah had a son named Menelik with the African Queen of Sheba, thus connecting the two tribes in Ancient Ethiopia. The Colors of Red (Blood of Christ, Yellow (Gold in Africa) and Green (the beauty and vegetation of Ethiopia) have significant meaning. The lion is painted with the Rastafarian dreadlocks mixed through his mane as he controls a football. Over his shoulder drapes the Jamaican flag attached to a pole and scepter.  The two ribbons read “Reggae Boyz”, the Jamaican National team’s nick name.   
  • Mexico Soccer Jersey; features  an artistic rendition of the Aztec warrior “Cuāuhocēlōtl” , meaning eagle warrior. Blended in with splattered green paint is the Aztec sun dial. Lightly painted into the background is the Mexican eagle clutching a serpent in his talons and framed in by cactus. The Mexico Football jersey is traditionally green and trimmed with red and white and referred to as  El Tricolor  “Three Colors”.
  • Netherlands Soccer Jersey; features a painted rendition of the Dutch Lion. He holds a sheaf of arrows in one paw, representing unity, and a sword in the other, representing power and strength.  This Regal Lion, crowned a king, controls a football under his mighty paw and stands before a field of orange splattered paint. The Netherlands football team jersey is orange which represents the colors of the Dutch Royal Family “House of Oranje-Nassau”.
  • Portugal Soccer Jersey; features a painted medieval dragon clutching a football in his mighty claws. The dragon is powerful, fast and capable of swooping in on unsuspecting opponents. Behind him, painted stripes of green and red from the flag of Portugal blended with the Portuguese coat of arms. The crest displays the cross of the Order of Christ over the player’s heart as found on the Portugal Football jersey.
  • Spain Soccer Jersey; features a painted red Bull controlling a football under his powerful hoof, trimmed in gold and standing before a splattered field of red paint. A raging bull is feared and respected by all that dare to oppose him and is a symbol of the dominance of Spanish football. Red, Gold and Navy are the colors of the Spainish football jersey and found on the Flag of Spain “Espana”.
  • United States Soccer Jersey; features the powerful and majestic symbol of the nation, the American Eagle. This unique painting shows the Eagle clutching a soccer ball in his talons with his imposing wings upright at attention. A splatter of gray and silver paint blended with iconic white stars represents all 50 United States who passionately support USA soccer.  


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