We realized that we also needed a streamlined approach to deal with all of the questions that may arise after orders were placed and shipments delivered.  If your club members had a question about their order, they called a designated person at the club or in many cases called EVERYONE at the club executive level to ask questions that they simply could not answer.  We set out to address this. 

Introducing MYORDER ticketing Online Software!  http://admiral-sports.com/myorder/issues/

By clicking on the above link, your club members can now contact us directly so that we may quickly assist them.  The link and its contents are very easy to follow.  Simply tell us who you are and how to contact you, what club you belong to, the order number you are referencing, describe the issue and OPEN A TICKET.  Your club members can even upload a quick picture to show us the problem.  It is that simple.

Each person who opens a new ticket will receive an automated response with a ticket number which they can then use to check the status of their ticket.  We ask that you routinely distribute this notice to all of your membership.  Going forward, all online order confirmation will also show this link.  We need to get them contacting US DIRECTLY as quickly as possible. 

What is also important to know is that Admiral’s policy for dealing with club issues is just as simple to understand as the ticket system.  “No muss, No fuss”.  Tell us about the issue and we will fix it or replace it.  No one wants to fight to have a problem resolved.  This is our guarantee to you, our clubs.

We have established a new designated department within our service area to specifically ensure that each inquiry is handled and resolved with 48 hours.  Guaranteed!

Admiral continues to re-invent the process of manufacturing quality products and changing the way in which we are able to service our customers.  We genuinely appreciate the relationships that we establish with our clubs.