Admiral Sports is pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership with the IR Academy of Soccer Development. 

“We are so excited to add another club from NorCal,” Admiral Sports CEO Paul Hamburger stated.  “IR Academy is a special organization with incredible potential, one of the up-and-coming programs in all of California.”

The IR Academy of Soccer Development is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and proud member of both US Club Soccer and the NorCal Premier Soccer League.

“We helped them with the transition by making a kit to match their existing kit to allow for fill-ins,” Hamburger added.  “And we're now making a kit to the club’s exact design requirements so that they have a completely unique kit. When other clubs in NorCal see the quality of the custom kit we've made for IR Academy and they hear how easy it was to order online, we believe they'll make the switch to Admiral too.”

IR Academy provides the opportunity for teams to play competitive level soccer without many of the costs typically associated with this level of play. They are a strong family-based organization that provides development and a higher level of play for those players that otherwise might not pursue competitive soccer because they cannot afford the expense.

The competitive level of soccer is not for everyone, as it requires a commitment to soccer and demands a dedication to training and development from every player and their parents. For those who want to focus on soccer, and desire continuous improvement of their skills, the IR Academy is a great step in their playing future.

Coaches are dedicated to their teams, and trainers are committed to providing advanced training, so that teams can successfully participate at the competitive level of soccer. Players' skills will be challenged and developed through play at the highest level. The coaches and trainers work together to continually encourage players to reach their highest potential. IR Academy strongly supports both individual and team development within an environment that is fun and enjoyable for the players and their families.

IR Academy was created to provide a unique soccer experience for those who have a passion for the game, and have the desire and the potential to play at the competitive level. The academy promotes enjoyment of the game through the spirit of sportsmanship and the excitement of competition. They believe in teaching life lessons to their athletes to further their development, both on the field and off.

“We chose to partner with Admiral for a number of reasons,” Club President Kyle Crist concluded.  “First, high-quality and unique product available at very affordable pricing is important to our organization.  Second, we were impressed by Admiral's focus on strong customer service and attention to detail.  We definitely took our time to decide on the best option for our club.  Finally, Admiral's historical significance related to European football and its strong sense of pride are characteristics we would like to represent our club and players on the playing field, within our community and at regional events.”

Admiral is indeed a legendary brand, having been worn by some of the biggest names in the sporting world.  The England National Team, Manchester United, and the New York Cosmos are just some of the clubs that once donned Admiral. In fact, Admiral has supplied most of the current English Premier League (EPL) teams in addition to being the largest brand in the original NASL. 

Today Admiral is a major player in the North American and international markets.  The company is the second-largest soccer brand supplying professional teams in the U.S. in addition to supplying some of the top professional clubs and academies in Canada.