7/12/24 5:00 AM

Admiral Sports and Flatirons FC Unveil Stunning Custom Team Uniforms

The latest collaboration between Admiral Sports and Flatirons Football Club has produced a striking collection of team wear that encapsulates the club's identity and the rich heritage of the Colorado region. Acclaimed designers, The Concept Club, crafted these uniforms for both the Flatirons men's USL2 and women's USLW teams using Admiral’s C3D online uniform builder to create bespoke apparel that tells the story of the club and its hometown.

Home Kit - “Daytime”

The new home uniform is a tribute to the rich history and natural beauty of Superior, Colorado. The black and silver colors of the home jersey pay homage to the town's mining heritage, symbolizing the "superior" quality of its silver and coal deposits. This design takes players and fans on a visual journey through the town's landscape: the right side of the jersey features graphics of the lush forests near Superior, with towering pine and fir trees, tranquil creeks, and hidden waterfalls. The center of the jersey showcases a depiction of the narrow-gauge railroad that was integral to Superior's mining community, symbolizing resilience and pioneering spirit. The left side prominently displays the majestic Flatirons Mountains, capturing the essence of the town's natural beauty. The club's logo on the left chest incorporates elements of the Flatirons and the railroad, encapsulating the essence of Superior's history and identity.



Jersey Colors: The home jersey includes black and silver to reference the history of Superior as a mining town. The right-side features graphics depicting the forests near Superior, while the middle showcases the narrow-gauge railroad, and the left side displays the Flatirons Mountains with their iconic jagged peaks.


Away Kit - “Sunset”

Continuing the tribute to Colorado's iconic landscape, the new away uniform features a striking depiction of the Flatirons Mountains. Set against a backdrop of vibrant purple hues reminiscent of the mountains at dawn or dusk, the jagged silhouettes of the Flatirons boldly rise against the sky, forming a distinctive motif. A subtle diamond pattern adorns the back of the jersey, adding depth and texture and mirroring the intricate beauty of the landscape.

Alternate Kit – “Midnight”

The Flatirons FC Alternate Jersey is a bold navy blue kit that intricately weaves the iconic mountain landscape into the fabric. The sleeves feature a stunning transition from the rugged peaks of the Flatirons to the deep hues of the night sky, with stars gleaming brightly, adding a touch of magic to the jersey's aesthetic. This alternate jersey embodies the team's identity and the natural wonders of the area.

Goalkeeper Kit – “Sunrise”

The new Flatirons goalkeeper uniform embraces a bold orange, capturing the radiant colors of the sunrise over the Flatirons. This choice celebrates the natural spectacle of the region while ensuring the goalkeeper stands out distinctly from the rest of the team, minimizing any potential kit clashes.

Goalkeeper Kit – “Dusk”

The "Midnight" Goalkeeper uniform offers a glimpse into the Flatirons under the cover of night. The front design features silhouettes of trees and the majestic peaks of the Flatirons against the night sky. The rear of the uniform has a repeating angular pattern that mirrors the rugged contours of the mountains, while the sleeves incorporate the narrow-gauge rail tracks that once served as vital arteries for transporting coal and silver from the local mines.


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