Admiral invented replica kits for English Soccer Premier Teams; Manchester United, Leeds United, England and most of the original North American Soccer League. The company introduced unique designs, alternate kits, manufacturer and club logos, poly cotton materials to make kits lighter and drier, developed kits with stripes, collars and cuffs - where Admiral led other brands followed.  The company have now launched a program to offer their clubs in the USA "limited edition, charity jerseys"


Admiral worked with USL MISL partner club Syracuse Silver Knights on the program.  Three times a year the club run a "charity game" usually towards the beginning, middle and end of the season.  The Knights promote these events online, through email messages and social media.  The club normally play in Orange and black, but for this game, Admiral created a unique (one off) specialty pink and teal playing jersey and scarf that their players wear in this one game.  Following the game there's an auction of the jerseys to raise funds for a local charity in this case, breast and ovarian cancer care charities.

Syracuse Silver Knights, admiral charities, charities jerseySyracuse Silver Knights, admiral charities, charities jersey

Although the jerseys are totally custom made Admiral have their own factory and so make small numbers of the "limited edition" jersey.

The club generated huge support in the community around the event, taking them  beyond "the sports pages" in to the "community" and building huge goodwill and support for the club.   These events also help generate additional ticket revenues, concessions sales, and additional sponsor revenues for the club.

admiral kit, charities

Syracuse Silver Knights work with large local charities in their community.  These charities have their own support base within the community that subsequently connect to the team bringing family and friends to games.  

Admiral have made limited edition jerseys for Breast cancer charities (pink), Ovarian cancer (teal), St Patricks Day Parades (green) and Army veterans programs (army camouflage).

admiral kit, charities

The Knights auctioned the 24 limited edition jerseys raising thousands of dollars for local charities through a live auction immediately following the game. Most of the jerseys are signed by players at the final whistle.

This program has been so successful that more Admiral teams are beginning to adopt this approach to access additional fans, revenue and of course do good through charitable support.