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GALVESTON — After nearly a month of anticipation, Galveston Pirate SC unveiled its new uniform kit Monday evening at the Holiday Inn Resort on the seawall.

Dozens of fans, family members and supporters of Pirate SC gathered for the event, which ultimately became a spectacle and tribute to the rapid growth of the club. 

“It takes a lot of talent, a little bit of luck and a ton of passion to build a successful soccer franchise,” Houston Football Association president Nick Urbano said. “And that’s exactly what Galveston has in this club and its leader, Brendan Keyes.”

Keyes, the team’s owner and coach, has elevated his club up the ranks and will play in the National Premier Soccer League beginning May 11 against Club America Academy. 

The most anticipated moment of Monday night finally came when several of Pirate’s key players emerged in a flurry of strobe lights and fog wearing the new uniforms. Keyes struck a deal with international soccer apparel giant Admiral Sportswear two months ago and the “first-class” uniforms were unveiled to the public Monday.

The golden home jerseys will be sponsored primarily by Landry’s Restaurants, while the front-shirt sponsor on the white road jerseys will be the Holiday Inn Resort.

“I think they’re awesome,” Pirate captain and League City resident R.J. McNair said. 

“We’re very excited,” current Pirate and Dickinson alum Jose Alvarez said. “These are legit, and it’s a big thanks to Coach Keyes.”

Danny Foster, journalist for Kickoff Magazine, jokingly said he suspects Keyes suffers from insomnia because he never sleeps.

“What can I say? I’m passionate about what I do,” Keyes said. “We expect the new uniforms to represent the status of what we’ve grown into. It’s a very exciting time for us.”