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As Corpus Christi FC gears up for the 2024 USL 2 season, the unveiling of their new kits marks a significant moment in the club's journey. Collaborating with the renowned Admiral Sports, the club has crafted uniforms that not only reflect the vibrant essence of Corpus Christi but also celebrate the city's rich heritage and landmarks. This year’s collection includes home, away, and alternate jerseys, as well as a striking goalkeeper kit, each narrating a unique story.

The photos of the new uniforms were taken at the city's picturesque Bayfront Seawall, perfectly capturing the essence of the city’s maritime legacy and dynamic spirit.

Nestled along the Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi is renowned as the 5th largest port in the USA and is affectionately nicknamed the "Sparkling City by the Sea." This vibrant city, once home to Farrah Fawcett – the iconic Charlie's Angels actress who also modeled for Admiral in the 1970s – now proudly hosts the unveiling of Corpus Christi FC’s 2024 kits.

Corpus Christi's rich naval heritage is reflected in landmarks like the USS Lexington and the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, the largest helicopter repair facility in the world. The Texas State Aquarium stands as the largest in Texas and one of the largest in the United States. Against this backdrop, the new kits for Corpus Christi FC, created in collaboration with Admiral Sports, encapsulate the city's vibrant identity and storied history.


Where Skyline Meets Soccer Style

Home: “Skyline”

Mens  Women

The home uniform, aptly named "Skyline" pays homage to Corpus Christi's iconic skyline.

Drawing inspiration from the towering high-rises that grace the city's horizon, the kit features a design that showcases these landmarks in the club's signature navy blues and reds with white accents.


The back of the jersey is adorned with a map graphic of Corpus Christi, highlighted by a red distressed glow effect, adding a subtle yet profound touch of local pride.


The club's motto, "Ex Pertinacia Victoria," meaning "Victory through determination," graces the back of the neck, a constant reminder of the team's unwavering commitment to success.


Crafted from lightweight, breathable fabrics, this sleek, fitted uniform ensures players stay cool and comfortable, even in the Texas heat. Fans and players alike can proudly wear these colors, embodying the spirit of Corpus Christi – a city where the skyline meets soccer style.


Honoring Naval History with the Away Kit

Away: “Ships

Mens Womens


The away uniform pays tribute to the USS Lexington, a revered symbol of American naval history and resilience. Known as "The Blue Ghost," the aircraft carrier played a pivotal role during World War II. The new away kit seamlessly merges this naval heritage with modern soccer style, featuring a reverse blueprint of the USS Lexington. This intricate design element showcases the ship's storied past in striking detail.


By donning this uniform, players honor the bravery and sacrifice of those who served aboard the USS Lexington while representing their club and city with pride.


The Alternate Jersey: A Tribute to Marine Heritage

Alternate Jersey“Sharks

Mens Womens


Corpus Christi FC’s alternate jersey draws inspiration from the city’s rich marine life and its connection to the Texas State Aquarium. Known affectionately as "The Sharks," the club's emblem features a shark clutching a soccer ball above the iconic Texas lone star. The alternate kit boasts an abstract shark fin print, complemented by contrasting sleeves for a dynamic visual

impact. Bold double pinstripes echo the distinctive stripes found in the club's emblem, adding a touch of tradition. This uniform not only showcases the prowess of Corpus Christi FC on the field but also pays homage to the city's marine ecosystem and the majestic sharks that inhabit its waters.


Goalkeeper Jersey: A Bold Statement

GK “Gold”

Mens Womens


The goalkeeper jersey takes a bold approach with a deconstructed Admiral graphic print, creating a visually dynamic design. The color-pop collar and tipping on the shorts and socks add vibrant accents, making this jersey a statement of individuality and confidence for the goalkeeper. With its striking combination of innovative graphics and bright details, this jersey ensures that the goalkeeper stands out on the field.


Sharkfin Hoody: Embracing Maritime Heritage

Hoody “Sharkfin”

Mens Womens


Complementing the alternate jersey, the Sharkfin hoody celebrates Corpus Christi's maritime heritage and the Texas State Aquarium. Featuring the abstract shark fin print, this hoody is a stylish tribute to the city's diverse shark species and the team's identity as "The Sharks."


Every Jersey Tells a Story

The 2024 Corpus Christi FC kits by Admiral Sports are more than just uniforms; they are a celebration of the city’s skyline, naval history, marine life, and community spirit. Each design element thoughtfully reflects the deep ties between the club and the vibrant essence of Corpus Christi.

The new 2024 Corpus Christi Kit 

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